The Randomness of Where I Find Mine

By Naomi Goeller

This page is where I show where my inspiration comes from. I do NOT own the rights to all of these images, nor do I acutally use them anywhere but here. I am doing this page because a common question that all graphic designers, artists, etc. get is: "where does your inspiration come from?" The answer? Anywhere and everywhere. Inspiration strikes when it strikes; and like lightening, I cannot control when and where it strikes, I can only look for it.

My plan for this page is to have it be a living and breathing page that I continue to add to as I find inspiration. That way when I am stuck I have something to look at, and maybe I will help someone else find inspiration too.


Without my faith I have nothing. It was my God who gave me my talents. In everything I do I strive to honor Him.

My Hubby

My best friend, guy who makes me laugh, my partner in crime. He's the love of my life and now that I have him I wonder how I ever did any of this without him.

My Kiddos

As of right now I have three young joys in my life. Their blunt honesty and creative minds make them the best critics I could ask for.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is my favorite TV Show. It's got humor, adventure, romance, sci-fi, etc. It's also got a really interesting written language called Gallifreyan. Above is The Doctor's name written in Gallifreyan, it is the inspiration behind my logo.

Vincent Van Gogh

I like Van Gogh, that's all there is to it.

Pablo Picasso

I fell in love with Picasso's art when I was a little kid. Don't know why. I just did.


The colors that splash amoungst the night sky. The smell of the gunpowder. The sights and sounds of families having a good time. The taste of the funnel cakes. The feel of a stolen kiss when the kids aren't looking. (I covered all 5 senses with this one)

On a side note I took this photo on the 4th of July, using a very slow shutter speed. I am very pleased with the results.


If it makes me laugh, there is a 99% chance I'll be inspired to do something.

My Organ Monsters

One of these days I'll write more than a sentence about these weird creatures that I've been obbsessed with drawing since 2014. For now I'll say this: whenever I'm stuck on something (artist's block) I draw these guys and they help me out and over the block. I start with a simple blob, find it's face, and then the rest simply falls into place.

Geek Culture

Otherwise known as "I'm weird and that's okay."

MC Escher

From his dizzying drawings to his patterns I find myself staring and trying to make sense of it all. Again, I just simply like his work.

Abstract Geometric Art

Again I just like it. I drew this one in Illustrator. Isn't it cool?


I've always been a bit of a geologist (as in I can't help but pick up a pretty rock when I see it). My mom pulled more rocks out of my pockets while I was growing up then she or I can remember, but I'm guessing it was probably enough to make up my body weight several times over. Geodes and their inner beauty have always been my favorite.

Star Wars

This was my first taste of the geek culture, and since the original trilogy was re-released in the 1990's I was hooked.