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Time Flies July 2020

Clocks Duotone

Wow! Has it really been a year since I last wrote a blog? I guess life really does get busy once you are working full time outside of the home, as well as... Keep Reading

Creative 404 Pages July 2019


I love creative 404 pages! The problem is that if your graphic designer and/or web master have done their job right, you will never... Keep Reading

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Pantone 2019 Revisted June 2019

Pantone 2019 Shop

I would like to revisit a previous blog, in particular my review of the Pantone of the Year, 2019. In that blog, I wrote about how I thought that Pantone was losing its touch, and... Keep Reading

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Welcome to My New Site April 2019

New Website

With graduation less than one month away, the time has come for a website update. Over the period of a couple of days I was able to create and code my initial layout utilizing code that I find from various free sources...Keep Reading

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Pantone 2019 April 2019

Pantone 2019

Via my Facebook page, I incorrectly predicted the color that Pantone would select as their color of the year for 2019. I predicted blue. As you can tell, Living Coral is NOT blue...Keep Reading