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Creative 404 Pages July 2019

A mock up and a recreation of one of my first 404 pages.

I love creative 404 pages! The problem is that if your graphic designer and/or web master have done their job right, you will never get to see them. Most companies do not even bother making their 404 pages creative, because of this fact; which is what I discovered when I started researching different companies for this blog post. To be more specific, the majority of the companies’ 404 pages that I brought up were just a generic 404 message, with very little creative thought put into it.

I remember one of my first creative 404 pages. It was for a local Christian bookstore, and it featured a picture of a cave with the caption “The tomb is empty and the page you are looking for is not here.” In my opinion, it was very creative, but because I had done my job well, no one got to see it. So in this blog, I decided to do my part to make sure that some of these creative 404 pages get to see the light of day.

The following, in no particular order, are what I consider to be excellent examples of 404 pages. (Only the first two on the list were designed by me.)

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