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Pantone 2019 Revisited June 2019

I would like to revisit a previous blog, in particular my review of the Pantone of the Year, 2019. In that blog, I wrote about how I thought that Pantone was losing its touch, and how I had not seen Pantone 16-1546, aka Living Coral, anywhere. Prior to their announcement, this was true; however, since their announcement, all the stores seemed to have gone “Oh, cr*p! We got it wrong,” and all the stores started stocking coral colored items, and even advertised the fact that they had Pantone’s Color of the Year.

This means that my “Pantone is losing its touch” comments were all misplaced. While, my opinions on them predicting the trend wrong were somewhat correct, what I did not realize was that stores would respond with the understanding that they were in the wrong, and not the other way around. Pantone, does not have a touch to lose, they are not the trend predictors, they are the trend setters; and the world will do everything that it can to keep up with them.

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